Clorel® Sodium Hypochlorite generators from brine;

Clorel system requires only salt, electricity and water to produce "Natural Sodium Hypochlorite". Thereby eliminating dangerous storage, handling problems of gas chlorine and commercial hypochlorite. Most important specification of "Natural Sodium Hypochlorite" produced by Clorel system is its affective disinfection power. It is 10 times more effective and faster than commercial sodium hypochlorite in disinfection.

Clorelsea® Sodium Hypochlorite generators from sea water;

The Clorelsea seawater systems are the modern alternative of gas chlorine and commercial sodium hypochlorite by producing "Natural sodium hypochlorite" from seawater. System only use seawater and electricity to produce sodium hypochlorite for applications Power plants, Desalination plants, Waste water plants, Salt water swimming pools.

Hypox® Chlorine-Ozone generators

The Hypox system produces Chlorine-Ozone solution, which is an innovative new generation type of disinfector that contains Hypochlorous acid HOCl, Hypochlorite OCl and Ozone O3. System uses only salt, electricity, water and a very special type of cell to produce this innovative disinfector.
Most important specification of Hypox® system is 100 times more effective and faster than commercial sodium and 10 times more effective and faster than gas chlorine.

IOX® Hypochlorous acid generators

Kemisan offers skid mounted superior divided electrolysis systems for production revolutionary high strength "Natural Hypochlorous acid" solutions, with low pH and High RX values.
It produces up to %90 Hypochlorous acid especially for extremely fast and effective disinfection requirements such as food industry.

MRC® Membrane cell units

Kemisan offers skid mounted superior membrane-chlorine units with MRC Cells for on-site Chlorine gas or High-strength Sodium Hypochlorite production with concentration from 8% to 12% available Chlorine. System eliminates problems of gas chlorine and commercial high strength hypochlorite such as poor stability and dangerous of storage and consumption.

Carad® Mixed metal oxides coatings

Kemisan Carad catalytic anode coating technology provides precious metal oxide coatings, which is one of main product of Kemisan since 1985. Kemisan MMO (mixed metal oxides) on TSA Titanium anode coatings fully satisfies the demands of Chlorine, Hypochlorite, Ozone and generating electrodes for chlorine-ozone production which is new generation bleach and disinfectant.