Kemisan is able to supply awide range of technologies about chlorine chemistry as following;
Complete Chlor Alkali/Caustic Soda Plants and all sections; CLORON®
Kemisan is supplying complete Caustic Soda Plants with mission to produce chlorine,caustic and all its derivative products, such as Sodium Hypochlorite 'NaOCl' 12-15% and Hydrochloric acid 'HCl' 32% Caustic soda 'NaOH' 33%.

Electrolyser Assembly and Cell Technology; CELLON®
Kemisan is supplying its own reliable membrane cell technology for small chlor-alkali plants. Kemisan is supplying two kinds of cell design with mission serve for small and medium requirrements which are Cellon MP and Uhdenora Single Element cell.

Anodes,Cathodes and their Coatings; CARAD®
Kemisan is supplying Anodes and Cathodes and their coating technology for electrode business. Carad® is Kemisan's registereted trademark for Kemisan's electrode technology with mission to supply Anodes, Cathodes and their coatings with different types of chemical operations.

Kemisan supplies the manufacturing, repairing and coating services of following types of Anode Technology;
• Membrane Anodes and their coatings CARAD® M
• Diaphragm Anodes and their coatings CARAD® D
• Hypochlorite Anodes and their coatings CARAD® C
• Hypochlorozone Anodes and their coatings CARAD® X
• Seawater Anodes and their coatings CARAD® S